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The same mistake over and over

floor of the park
Is this a thing that humans do better than any other creature on the planet?
In this example it is someone who can't stop sabatoging his main romantic relationship. In each instance he keeps risking more and more. I get that we aren't hard wired for monogamy in our body. It is something we are taught is the expectation in a committed relationship. When such a promise is broken a world of hurt is unleashed. It is sometimes something that can't be forgiven or forgotten.
So why...oh why when the stakes get higher and you have lived through the complications of your stupid behaviour numerous times in the past do that same stupid thing?
I am always blown away when people give lip service to what they want but their actions are consistently not in line with their said desires and they have no self awareness to this disconnect in their life.

And why oh why do the people you engage in these behaviors with think they won't be victimized by this same action? Girlfriend if you are the one they cheated with and you become the next girlfriend...what makes you think it won't happen to you?

People...try dating, try dating a long time, try not living together weeks or months after you start dating. Don't rush. Enjoy time together and time apart. Oh and try not dating and get to know yourself.

To be honest when we got the news...we weren't the least bit surprised.

working on getting mobile is work

floor of the park

Last Wednesday we got a call that Sweetie's mom had snagged a spot to get her knee replaced due to a cancelation by another candidate. The appointment in the OR was for Friday. She said she expected to be home from the hospital on Monday. We gathered she had done all the rehab on her other knee that was replaced back in March or very early April and thus was ready. We tried calling her on Monday evening. No answer. Sweetie called this afternoon and learned some other details we didn't know about via his dad. Seems she is still at the hospital. She had badgered the doctor to get her second knee done because she thought the reasons she wasn't progressing with her new knee was because now that pain had been addressed it made the pain of her other knee more pronounced. Well she got her surgery but she is not getting her way with release from the hospital. Turns out she doesn't have the strength in her leg from knee number one to support the new knee number two. So she is going to have to work her butt off in some intense rehab in the coming days or she won't be going home. On top of it her husband is having some back pain of his own and therefore can't be of much assistance to her.

I say...line up some homecare before her release date so they can do a house assesment and put some schedule in place to help when needed.

we all depart at some point

a different kind of grape
On Monday we were away from the house for a long stretch of time and thus had to have lunch somewhere. We chose a personal favourite. The lady that runs the establishment is a dietician and she is a great cook. The food is all about being healthy and tasty. We arrived at the place and it was closed. We were baffled. Disappointed we headed back to the car. We decided to try a place that slightly better than okay some 8 years ago. To our surprise it was taken over by someone different some 5 or 6 years ago. The change has made this a place we will return to soon. The flavours were extremely good. While waiting for our food Sweetie went to the washroom. He came back and said the waitress from the first place we went to was there having lunch and when I looked at the table of six the waitress was at so sat the owner of the first place we stopped to have lunch. Weird right.  When I went to the washroom I said hello and mentioned that we had stopped by their place first.

Before we left a lady from their table came over to say that the reason they were closed is that the owners husband had just recently died. We sent our condolence. We had no idea he was unwell. So sad. He was a fantastic artist and we recently bought a black and white watercolour he did. We were glad to see she had a good group of five friends for support.

Today there was a message on our machine to call my Aunt A. as soon as we got home. We did. It seems my eldest brother, T's wife died today. It was not unexpected but we were never privy to the details of her ill health. I saw my sister C. back in Feb. of last year at my Mom's funeral and it was almost 10 years to the week that I saw her at my Mom's 80 birthday party. The brief bit of info we had on her health was from Aunt. S and Uncle G. when we shared a meal together back in mid August. There will be no funeral.

playing again

pretty spires
Scan 14

Despite getting waylaid by meals, laundry, and other details of life I still got out to the shop to play.

Is it the nature of news?

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Dear Television News Reporters,

Thank you for bringing me the news of the day as your media mogul boss decides what is worthy of those pressure minutes.

I have one question. Why is it that you have the knack of finding a bystander or witness of a news story who uses the ear grating, "I seen it."

today in the bookstore

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We have an independent bookstore we support with purchases on a regular basis. We have been interacting with the staff there for years. Today after depositing a cheque in my account at the credit union I wanted to order a book which I understood to be coming out next week. The owner Tom was his usual delightful self and I was gushing about the author being brilliant. He asked me if I had her an interview with her on the national radio over the weekend. I sadly had not. I knew he would be getting the book in and likely only one copy but I wanted that first copy. As I was saying goodbye and saying how enthused I was about getting the book....the guy behind me in line was actually picking up a copy of the book. I was wrong about when the book was coming up. Then we had a big gush about how great she is and Tom and the other customer were exchanging tidbits of pleasure from having heard the same radio interview.

Writer of which we were gushing about ....Naomi Klein.

I recommend No Logo and The Shock Doctrine.

I will let you know about my response to her latest...This Changes Everything.


floor of the park
1. I am not getting any taller but the floor feels like it is further away.
2. Getting through something doesn't mean it was enjoyable or that you would ever do it again willing.
3. People need to vote according their current state of personal financial stability not to protect the privilege of the rich just in case some day by some stroke of luck become rich.
4. Life is a minute by minute experiment.

let me just admit that Friday got by me

floor of the park
Friday five

  1. Where and how did you learn to swim? I learned to swim in the swimming pool. I can't even remember how many time I failed beginners. There was a rule in my family. We had to take swimming lessons until we had successfully completed seniors after that we could continue should we so desire. One brother was a competitive swimmer-Go Otters! I lived at the pool in the summer.

  2. How far away is the nearest swimmable body of fresh water, and how’s the swimming there? From my house the sea is about 5 minute walk to the park and then down the cliff. I see people swimming in the water but generally about 25 minutes south where there is a sandy beach. Our beach is rocky.

  3. How long has it been since you’ve been for a swim? Probably a decade. I think it ended when the gym I belonged to in the old country turned the swimming pool space into more room for weight training. A bad move on their part as far as I was concered.

  4. What’s the nearest community swimming pool like? It looks nice. During a power failure of great length we were allowed to use the showers for free after about day 4.

  5. What experience do you have with jumping off stuff and into water? I have jumped off the edge of the pool, the diving board (low) and that is the sum total

floor of the park
I got on my bike today and road it around the neighbourhood. My chain slipped but my trusty mechanic was right there to slip it back on and then did a minor adjustment when we got home. All is good. I am not sure what my body will say about that pedalling adventure tomorrow morning.

Bedtime now as I have an appointment with T. for my should in the morning. I have a host of complaints for her about my body...I am sure she will set me right.

Sleep well.

there has been times when

light the way
Today my bike mechanic (fully trained I might add) is out in his shop taking my crankset off my bicycle. Yup I have a mountain bike. I have not really liked it but if the way the bike is constructed in the crankset is not proprietary for a 100 bucks or so I can have my bike mechanic change it out. The type I have is to me annoying and alas I don't really enjoy riding it much. My Sweetie is the best. He can so totally sleep over.

Tomorrow marks 8 years since we landed on this land mass of an island. We wanted to recreate the pizza on the floor of our dining area. Alas that is not going to happen as the local pizza joint is closed on Mondays. Okay, let us go to a pizza place we know has great pizza. Nope, they are closed on Monday. We though we might go bowling instead but the nearest bowling alley is closed on Mondays. We thought maybe would take a train ride...nope no scheduled events on Monday for that outfit. We have now cast our net further afield and found a bowling alley open tomorrow and a pizza place that has seating (it seems many are just take out joints anymore).

Two weeks in a row I have had the Saturday paper read by before Sunday was over. I attribute this to the Saturday paper in the summer time to be a tad slimmer and fluffier a read. There was a big article focusing on sugar. The one article was about trying to remove sugar from foods. Of course the problem being that the food they are trying to remove sugar from are processed shit food and pop. I just think the focus is on the wrong thing.

My Uncle G and Aunt S. were on the island to attend nuptials and so we had a good visit over lunch this past Monday. Uncle G. is just the best. Aunt S. was super relaxed compared to the last time we saw them.

There has been a brief reprieve from the heat but alas the heat is suppose to crank itself way up again for the next week or two. Oh wait. I just checked and it is only going to be super nasty hot today and tomorrow. At least there are some cooler days ahead but the humidex is still hanging in there on those cooler days.

Tonight is Super Moon. Anyone else going to have a gaze and watch the moon rise?