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You can see we are relaxed and beaming

I don't really know how much I have gotten into the antics of the renter we had living next door for the last seven years. It has been a huge stressor for us both. The landlord live several serene blocks away and have been unresponsive.
On the final Monday of July we finally went to the police. Not sure what fell from that...but come August 1st it got really quite and pleasant.
Today we came home from our weekly errand run to a note on the door. It was a drawing of us and a cloud nine. We called the good neighbours and asked if they put it on the door. They had. Apparently the renter from hell is out. Woo hoo. The good neighbours are coming over later this evening with the details.

*happy dancing*
My face hurts from smiling so much.

As it should be

It would seem that absurd not to wonder about things all day long and really probably even while we sleep..our unconscious self all proned out dreaming. It is how there is such a tenuous ribbon of connection between the cells in our own body and how that connection places out in all of humankind. We are all on a collision course with the end game and some times our paths connect. Relationships...the one we have with ourself and one we construct with others shift and shape our lives in ways just not always readily apparent.

I sure am grooving on this chair

Sir Marsh Mellow loves this groove in the Lazy Boy recliner.

I would have done it sooner, if I had known

We are sitting at the waterfront having already had breakfast, traveled to and made our purchases at the farmers market, arrived ahead of the paperboy to the bookstore to pick up the newspaper and been run out of the coffee shop due to the mob of people taking up tables so they can visit while their toddlers run amok and disrupt others.

If I had known it was my awakening at an early hour was all it took to make it rain I would have done ages ago.

It is raining and we are giddy with delight. Hope it continues and it is a gentle soaking rain.

what can I say?

It got interesting here yesterday.  I should of taken some photos. For those of you who know where I live because you know me in real life may be aware that there are some forest/wild fires burning in the area. One in particular is not that far away as the crow flies. We woke yesterday to weird daylight. It was fairly yellow and rather post-apocalyptic sky. It was surprising to go outside and not be able to smell the of burnt vegetation. The air did and continues to have a throat irritant quality about itself no longer totally invisible quality.

We went for a drive last night and found just 2km further inland that the smoke was thick and visiblity was about 1 km.

It has changed slightly this afternoon at the house as we are getting normal light and some gunk colour in the sky.

We are good  and keeping the windows shut. Thankfully we have also had a dip in the temperatures due to this forest fire haze...silver lining.

The all clear

We got an email from the vet the other day. The June 22 urine test and culture from Lady Ophelia Opus came back clear. The antibiotics did the job.

All of the people and animals in the house are thrilled.
Yesterday we returned with Lady Ophelia Opus to the vet. This cat does not care the scheduled appointment times made by the vet. We again arrive late. It all works out. The vet took Lady to the back room without us to urinate the cat. Vets really get the glamourous tasks in life. Apparently pee was plentiful and samples will be tested and cultured to make sure she is perfectly back to normal health. More than anything they look at human reports of the animal's behaviour. In that regard she is the most totally back to her spaz-doink (tm) ways.

So now we wait for lab reports as we go about our lives.

0n the mend

Seems I have been misdirected in my updating. Lady Ophelia Opus is good as new. She did get a shot on the 25th of May and another on the 5th of June. She is doing great and doesn't have to return to the vet until the 22nd of June so our plans to head to the OC have not been revised. Lady perked up with in a day of the first shot. All is well. The visit to the vet on the 22nd will be to take a urine sample and determine whether or not she needs a third a final antibiotic. This is good news.


We have two different people lined up to feed the fur monsters while we are away. This is good news. We may also have a third person who will come and spend some time hanging out with them a couple of times for a couple of hours every couple of days. It would be great but that is not a for sure.

For those of you in the OC who still read this hopefully a phone call at the very least and an in person visit will be coming your way. No promises, however. This is a visit to check in on Sweetie's parents in their own environment and see how they are doing as they are both past the 80 year mark now.

Oh Lady Ophelia Opus

We have a sick kitty. Lady went to the vet yesterday and then spent the night at the home of the vet. Turns out she has a bladder infection and concerned it may have travelled up into her kidneys so she is on antibiotics. Ever tried giving a cat that won't let you pick her up for more than a couple of seconds? Not happening. We tried probably eight or so times this evening and she then put herself under the bed.

Waiting on word form the vet the next step. Which will likely be a shot which the resort to when kitty just won't go for the pill. Unfortunately they like to reserve giving a cat the shot because she is young and should she need antibiotics in the future they don't want to have her become resistance to the antibiotic.

Any cat pill giving tips?